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Going to Shop or Hang out in Oak Tree Road, Iselin/Edison, NJ ... Let us help!

This section of will help you in many ways.  Found out were all the shops are, were to park and the 'Do's & Don'ts'. 

Visitors come from all around to shop in Oak Tree Road.  Almost 90% of the shops are located on Oaktree Road which covers two towns, Iselin and Edison. This area has the largest concentration of Indians and the most Indian owned stores in the area.  Please be advised before you set sail that almost all the stores are closed on Monday.

map of Oaktree road

Above you will find a map of the main Indian shopping center in Oak Tree Road. Click on one of the three shaded areas to find out which stores are located in that area or search by catagory.

Area: Purple Orange Green


You will have no problems parking in the Edison section of Oak Tree Road, which is the Purple and Orange area.   All the stores are located in shopping malls which have ample parking.  The problem you will have with parking is in the Iselin section of Oak Tree Road, Green area.   Most of all the stores are located right on Oak Tree Road.  You are able to park on Oak Tree Road but do not park on the side roads.  To be able to park on these roads Friday, Saturday and Sunday you need a parking permit. 
Your best bet for parking is:

1.  The parking lot on Middlesex Ave behind Shri Subh Laxmi Grocery.
2.  Subzi Mandi Plaza parking off Middlesex Ave.
3.  Parking lot off of Correja Ave. behind Royal Grocery.
4.  Parking lot in front of Dana Bazaar on Oak Tree Road.


Do's and Don't

If the sign says 'No Parking' or 'No Standing'.... then Don't even think of parking there.  Before you know it a police officer will be writing you a ticket.

Don't park on the side streets if you don't have a parking permit for your car.. you will be ticketed.

Don't park in the Fire Zones... you will be ticketed.

Don't pack your own lunch and eat outside... Oak Tree Road does not have any picnic areas set up, the street name is misleading.  There are plenty of places to eat, try something new.

Do bargain on the price when you go shopping.

Do make sure you check out more than one store before you buy unless your certain that you want it.

Don't litter.

Do be careful when you cross Oak Tree Road, a few people have been hit be cars (or came close) when crossing.

Do try a new restaurant or a new dish every time you visit Oak Tree Road.

Do support Indian owned businesses.