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Welcome to Indianj.com's Interview section.  Our goal is to provide you with entertainment and information by interviewing Indians from around the world who are making an impact.  Look forward to some exciting interviews to come.  What can be a better way to kick things off than an interview with Sukhbir.  Enjoy.

image of Sukhbir

The Bhangra artist known as 'Sukhbir' has another hit song 'Ishq' and has released his latest album 'Hai Energy'.   He has performed to fans in packed venues in over 13 countries.  He writes his own music and sings his own songs.  He doesn't have a political message, he just loves to entertain. He is definitely not a 'One hit wonder' and it doesn't seem like he will fade away soon. 

Indianj.com found out were he's coming from and were he is planning to go.

Interview by Satinder

Q. So Sukhbir why didn't you pursue a career as a doctor, engineer or computer programmer?

I was actually pursuing a career in Information Technology but I guess music was my destiny. Actually, I guess things changed for me when I met businessman Ketan Somaia in Kenya, who suggested that I take music professionally, and there was also the support of my family, my dad in particular who really is the backbone of my present career.

Q. Did you ever think 'Sukhbir' would be as big as he is when you recorded your first song?

Not at all. I was honestly just messing around when I was recording my first song. I had absolutely no idea about the Indian pop scene, I recorded the song, a video was shot, the next thing I remember was the album sold a hell of a lot.I was in total shock.  But you must keep in mind that it is not a single persons' effort that spells success.  I mean, everyone down the line matters, right from my parents blessings, to the financier, the engineer, producer, tea boy, A&R Manager, secretary, the record company, THE FANS !

Q. What part of India is your family originally from and did you visit India during your childhood?

My family is from a little village known as "Dalli" which is in the district of Jallandhar, in the northern state of Punjab in India.  During my childhood, visits to India were not that often, after I left India, I remember going back on four occasions in the span of 20 years.

Q. How did you keep a keen interest in speaking Punjabi since you grew up in Kenya? Are your parents and family supportive of your music?

I guess my father being a priest in the Sikh Temple in Kenya really helped, we always spoke Punjabi at home, all my Punjabi friends spoke Punjabi, most of my gujrati friends also spoke Punjabi, my dreams were also in Punjabi. My Parents and family have always been very supportive towards my music, despite the fact that I come from a very religious family, so much so, that my dad also pens most of my songs.

Q. Tell me a couple of 'High point' that has come out your success. What award that you received means to most to you?

The high point was when my first album was nominated for the best debut album, I was nominated for the best male singer, The video of 'Punjabi munde' was nominated for the best video.

Q. Were has your best concert been?

The best Concert must have been the one in Chandhigarh !

scene from Ishq video

Q. Any famous people that you keep in touch with since your success?

Jeetendra, The BIG B, Rakesh Roshan, Neelam, Rajesh Roshan, Anu Malik, Pankaj Udhas, Moorty, DalerJI, Lucky Ali, Jaaved Jaffrey, Fluffy.

Q. Out of all your songs which one makes you smile the most when you hear it and why?

GAL BAN GAYEE ! I guess its because a very special person 'helped' me write it !

Q. Who are some musicians that you followed? 

I followed quite a few singers ranging from M.J. (Michael Jackson), Bob Marley, Jagjit Singh, Lataji, Ashaji, to Def Leopard, Monica Lewinsky, ooooooops !! not too sure about the last one.......

Q. Is your music a blend from any other musician? Who do you think is the pioneer to the type of music you produce?

My music is a blend of many different styles, but I try to keep the 'Bhangra' element a little more dominant than the other styles. The pioneers to the kind of music that I produce have got to be all the Punjabi bands in the U.K. like Alaap, Heera, D.C.S, Sahotas, Malkit Singh, Bill Singh Clinton.

Q. If a DJ in London or Canada or the USA remixed one of your songs and put on his CD.. How would you react?

It has been done many times, but unfortunately not legally, If the re-mix is good, then I guess I'll let him/her walk.....But if its awful, then I'll sue the !*$ out of them !  Just kiddin' but a word of advise to all those D.J's doing that kind of a thing, if you release an album officially through a record label, you will surely reap the benefits !

Q. What's your favorite dish?

I love any Indian dish. But my favorite one has to be the one Minal makes. yummmmyeeeee!!

Q.  Minal? Would that be Mrs. Sukhbir?

Married? Me?  Of course, for the last 5 years !

Q. What do you do in your spare time?

I cook, build/fly model aircraft, fish, swim, parasail, read, sleep, keep a close eye on the universe (astronomy), write, did I mention sleep ?

Q. When do you plan to do a concert in New York or New Jersey?

Very soon.......hopefully, if all goes well !!!

Q. Would you like to end the interview with any final thoughts or comments.

I would like to thank you, all my fans for their love and support, all the people involved in my career, my parents and family for their support, My wife Minal for her constant, undenied Love and support, And finally 'OUCH' Fluffy.

Visit the Official Sukhbir web site.

Images of Sukhbir are courtesy of Shohmit.