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So.. your interested in going to college in New Jersey...

SAT...GMAT...GRE...TOEFLYour first step is to take an entrance exam.Yuk!, hey but we all have to do it.  If your graduating from high school (plus 2) then you need to take the SAT exam. If you plan to attend graduate school then you need to take the GRE or the GMAT. If you have attended high school or college from outside of the United States then you need to also take the TOEFL exam.  Got all that?  Don't worry below are links to the official sites for those exams.  You can find out the exam dates and even register on line.


colleges in NJThe next step is to find out what university you would like to attend for your BA/BS, MS, MBA or PhD (wow!).  There are alot of good universities and colleges in New Jersey.  Such as one of the top universities in the Unites States, Princeton University.  Universities like Rutgers (over 30,000 students), NJIT (New Jersey Nehru-Jinah Institute of Technology), Stevens University and Seton Hall have top notch programs in Computer science, Engineering, Finance and Medicine.

Below are links to all the universities worth your while in New Jersey.  Find out more about the university, such as the admissions requirement, fees, location, degree programs and even apply for admissions online or request an admissions package. Good luck.

Rutgers NJIT Steven Princeton
Seton Hall Kean Rowan UMDNJ
William Paterson Montclair Rider Drew
Fairleigh Dickinson Ramapo Monmouth University

Maybe you don't want to spend 2-4 years in school.  There is one more option, to attend a specialized computer school in New Jersey.  There are alot of schools that are run by people of Indian or Pakistani origin.  You will find a good number of them in the Edison, NJ area.  Some even are strategic partners and offer certified courses  in Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Lotus, Cisco and Sybase.

We will provide you with a list shortly.